Murmures - Benoit Renaudin

Benoit Renaudin

Voices : Isis Fahmy, Markus BerryThe Ssiws were a small but important tribe of the old Aporue. They mainly lived around the Lakes situated in the Spla region. Scientist found this serie of artefacts in the ruins of a villa, on the shore of the Namel lake. They belonged to a Ssiws that lived around the year 2017. These objects are a very important discovery : they tell the way our ancestors lived at the beginning of the last millennium. These relics are witnesses of their customs, everyday rituals and beliefs.Murmures is a speculative installation developed by the media designer Benoît Renaudin. The time capsules are a way of looking at the present, trying to capture it. The fiction, through the use of audio commentary, is a medium to take a step back and think about our modern rituals. Close to what the anthropologue Horace Miner was writing about the American society in the fifties with his article Body Rituals among the Naciremas (1956), Murmures is also a critical piece on the way ouroccidental societies live. These encapsulated objects represent an open question on the social, political and sociological impact of their fabrication and usage.With the support of HEAD-Geneva